Efficiently assess alarms with VerifView, a smart video alarm service. VerifView allows our command center agents to swiftly and visually verify alarms 24/7. Facility and operations teams can then be advised on the necessary actions.


Saves Time


(after elimination of manual
response to site)

Greater transparency and accountability

(with audit trail)

Seamless Integration

(with over 80% of IP cameras
and DVRs in the market)

Low or no upfront cost

Reduced reliance on guards

AboutVerifViewGuard Tour

Bolster your existing security force with VerifView Guard Tour. You can manage scheduled or event driven video patrols for more efficient manpower deployment and enhanced accountability.


Audit trail

(with step-by-step video
patrol process)

Reduced manpower dependency

Reduced manpower costs

Reduced human error

(with programmed SOP)

More efficient operations