Access for a New World

Is a managed access control solution designed for a mobile-centric and fast-moving world. Fast growing businesses can find it extremely difficult to implement traditional access control systems, which are either too simplistic or too cumbersome and expensive.

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Designed to work

With streamlined hardware for quick installation, it is perfect for managing access, identities and visitors across multiple-sites. VERIFSUITETM Access operates on a secured cloud, thus completely eliminating the need for computer servers, and is easy to use from a mobile device. 

Works with any access control technologies

Can operate securely with BLE, Facial Recognition, RFID, QR Code and various technologies. Remote access rights can be given or taken away with a swipe on the smartphone. Or if you preferred, based on your instructions to our 24hr Central Monitoring and Command Center.


Operates on a Pay-as-You-Use model with integrated warranty, support and maintenance. Compared to the traditional model, VERIFSUITETM Access significantly reduces total cost of ownership, improve ease-of-installation and gives your business a new dimension in managing access to your facilities.

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