VERIFSUITE™ Enterprise



Common Sense Enterprise Security.

VERIFSUITETM Enterprise is Ademco’s customisable Pay-as-You-Use program for Enterprise Security.

With a Design, Build and Run approach, Ademco will work with customers to design and implement the security system (corporate preferred brand or alternatives) that is tailored to meet business' needs, and we will manage the system on a Pay-as-You-Use model. With integrated maintenance, support, and warranty for the full length of the contract, it is a truly hassle-free and seamless way to enjoy Enterprise Security.

VERIFSUITETM Enterprise is perfect for progressive Global Companies and Large Local Enterprises.


Key Benefits:

Lower Total Cost
Of Ownership and
Easy to start

VERIFSUITETM’s Pay-as-You-Use model provides transparency in cost-control. With warranty, support and maintenance included, there are no hidden costs!

With zero* upfront cost, it is easy to start or switch to our program.

Resource Challenges

We run and monitor the systems on a 24/7 basis, allowing customers to work with a leaner in-house security and IT team, save on resource-intensive recruitment and training, while maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of your existing security team. Focus on supporting your business instead of fighting fire.

Integrated Warranty,
Support, Maintenance,
And Uptime

The Pay-as-You-Use model ensures Ademco’s commitment to providing quality solutions and support. No chasing for support and maintenance. No empty promises.

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