Verifsuite Business

SECURING YOUR ASSETS, Empowering your Business

An integrated security solution designed to streamline and optimize your operations across the security ecosystem to better protect your assets and safeguard your employees.

With Verifsuite’s visitor management solution, access authorization for both employees and visitors will be a breeze. With streamlined management of access across multiple sites, you can be sure of enhanced security for your business.

Visitor Pass Management

Access Control

Facility Booking

License Plate Recognition & Intercom

Future Proof

Safeguarding Your Assets

Our Central Monitoring & Command Centre (CMCC) will safeguard you and your assets while ensuring prompt fault reporting, coordination, and rapid incidence response.


Easy-to-use platform with self-service access control management. Managing agents can focus on what really matters.


Robust audit trail of visitors and vehicle entries to ensure no unauthorized access and supports future investigations when necessary.


Technology-enabled approach unlocking new level of cost reduction by reducing manpower reliance. With Pay-as-you-use model, no upfront Capital Expenditure is required.

Learn how you can better secure your premises.

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